Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Looking for RPM's Cousins

The Resource-Patterns Model of Life RPM will probably seem alien to most economists. But it might have close cousins in two other fields: multi-agent modeling and gaming.

Multi-Agent Modeling
RPM falls into the field of multi-agent modeling (also called Agent Based Modeling). I have looked quickly into the literature of that field and attended one conference*. I have not found anything which I recognized as a parallel to RPM. But parallels might be there. One day I hope to look more carefully.

Also I have spent months coding and running parts of RPM as a multi-agent model. (I have a background in computer science.) The exercise has taught me a lot. But the results so far will not help me communicate what I believe is important in RPM. I may do better by calling to the intuition of the reader as I do in this blog  with English sentences and pictures which I create in a drawing program.

RPM could be implemented in a game. Here again is a field with which I am unfamiliar. I have not played computer games much during these past 30 years. There may be games now that use RPM. I need to catch up. If you are a donor who would like to fund this research, please feel free to send me a letter of application.

* note added January 2016. That "one conference" occurred in fall of 2007 at Northwestern University, sponsored at least in part by Argonne National Lab, and (from my current search) was titled "Agent 2007 Conference on Complex Interaction and Social Emergence".  Now I have attended and reported upon another agent-based conference, in fall 2015 at Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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